Property Management     

Data-fed dashboards providing insights into the building's activity over time. The transparency empowers managers to make evidence-based, targeted and informed decisions.
The integration of workflows and processes will release time to the property manager; time that can be utilised to enhance tenant engagement and experience and give tenants a sense of value and belonging.


By collating and making use of the data that emerges from the tenant portals, the TAP system can generate overview reports showing a snapshot presentation of the building's activity and performance over given periods of time.


By collating all relevant data into one place, management can readily gain an overview of activity and performance and fully understand the tenants’ impact on a building’s performance. Property managers are then making proactive use of the available data.


Management needs a firm grip on compliance and how best to manage risk. By having access to current, relevant data and up to date documentation, all in one place, the TAP system allows the manager to assess these vital risks for the betterment of the building and its occupants.


At a glance the Property Manager can take evidence-based decisions from the data in front of them as the system has shaped a holistic view of the key areas that need attention. No longer does the manager need to track multiple databases to piece this together.

Understand your

The data that the TAP system generates allows the manager and tenant to forge a closer relationship, one that is built on trust and transparency and supported by up to date information.
Valued tenants are fundamental to a harmonious building and that relationship is based on this single source of truth.


Increasingly, all stakeholders are having to address their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and by having access to the data collated by TAP it becomes easier to address any ESG reporting requirements.