Tenant Engagement     

We've built hundreds of portals for commercial buildings. They're branded, bespoke and provide tenants with valuable, relevant information about their building.
They allow active participation by tenants and managers with the output data fueling the Property Management Dashboards.
We have 11 integrated modules which connect with each other creating an organic, ever evolving data source.
Some key modules include:


View all relevant information about your building including its general amenities, location, size, security arrangements as well as documents such as the Occupier Guide, fit out guide and Team contacts.

Permits to

A comprehensive TAP tool, this electronic module is a bespoke feature which is a thorough application process for the request for Permits to Work. This supports your risk management and compliance responsibilities as well as validating the suppliers' competencies, complemented by tracking transparency.


The ability for tenants to log issues, with supporting video or photos, to assigned suppliers. Again, we include tracking transparency so you are kept up to date with the action being taken to address the issue.


The ability for tenants to book visitors into your building. The booking is part of a dataset which can then be anaylsed to establish visitors' actual attendance at the building, allowing management to be able to predict its busiest times and track numbers within the building.


A vital knowledge tool which is capable of recording both the common parts and tenant by tenant consumption enabling a clear understanding of your own energy profile. This also allows for analysis and comparisons to be made by management with other buildings as well as over previous time lines.


A secure and dedicated area for your proprietory documentation to be held as well as hosting emergency contact details. By populating this area management can verify levels of tenant compliance, enabling more specific conversations between tenants and the management team.