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10 Finsbury Square


Our Client required a single login tenant property management platform that would promote the building’s brand, store building and finance documents, allow the tenants and building management team to log their own building issues, view energy usage, raise permit requests and book visitors into 10 Finsbury Square which would advance trust through openness of information.  They wanted the platform to keep their tenants updated.

Our Solution

Working with the Client’s in-house and on-site Building Management Teams, TAP delivered a bespoke designed platform to include individual secure tenant areas which worked alongside the integrated building management modules.

Using the single login facility, the platform allows for an effortless interaction by the tenants, suppliers, building management and landlord.  Each tenant has been given the ability to deal with all housekeeping items from one location.    

One area that Pembroke were keen to promote was visibility of the building’s and tenants’ energy usage which is also delivered via the portal.

‘’Pembroke’s goal is to create elevated asset experiences that support our occupiers’ workforce. ​TAP supports the delivery of our customer service solutions in London by providing a platform that gives our tenants greater transparency, and immediate access, to their building’s performance data.’’

Nick Moldon

Senior Vice President, Head of UK and Germany

10 Finsbury Square