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TAP’s unique software delivers processes and workflows to enhance and automate the day-to-day operation of your building, including permits, helpdesk, visitor management, keeping track of your energy usage and more.

Our intelligent software is flexible, and modular integrating with legacy systems. TAP generates valuable data about your building to help you make informed decisions about costs and resourcing. On average, property managers who use TAP across their portfolios save 30 hours per week and £60,000 per year. Check out the benefits of our solutions below:

Permit to Work Requests

The TAP platform includes the leading permit-to-work system for commercial properties of any size. It automates the entire process from tenant request to completion of the job and provides you with an audit trail – essential for when you need to gather evidence of work carried out safely. Notifications and prompts ensure the permit process is completed, and when linked up to TAP’s visitor management system it can alert you to contractors that fail to turn up or those that have not signed RAMs. 

Portfolio Insights

The TAP platform generates valuable and practical building data that property managers and landlords can use to make decisions around resourcing and operations across portfolios. Whether you are looking at the number of visitors each occupier is receiving, how many permits are requested per month, or the amount of energy being used, you can use the insights to deliver greater efficiencies and reduce costs.

Property Manager Dashboard

All the solutions and the data from the TAP platform are available to property managers in a simple to navigate dashboard. This includes your staking plan, tenant information and live data and analytics from the building. You can access tenant requests, view on-going permits, see visitor information and more all in one place.

Supplier Quotes

Save time and hassle by automating your quote system. Using this solution property managers can send requests to suppliers, and if you link up your quote system to our work permit solution you can track supplier work progress from start to finish, or allow tenants to request their own quotes.

Visitor Management

Streamline your check-in process and provide a great experience with our visitor management solution. Tenants can book in visitors and contractors to ensure your building management team have awareness of who’s in the building and tenants are notified of their visitor's arrivals. Our visitor management system connects to other TAP solutions to ensure a joined-up flow of information to increase efficiencies. 


Streamline your workflows with our intelligent helpdesk solution, allowing tenants to log issues 24/7 and get resolution of the outcomes. Tenants, suppliers and managers can choose to receive notifications of issues logged or resolved – ensuring tenants are always kept up to date on outstanding issues and requests are not left unresolved.

Energy Usage

Track your building's energy usage to ensure efficiencies can be made to save costs. Our dashboard gives you quick and easily digestible insight into your building's energy usage by floor or by tenant. This allows you to make efficiencies and ensure your building is meeting sustainability targets. Tenants can also download their latest energy bill or see their service charges. 

Support Services

Our support team are always on hand to assist you with any requests or issues you might have, and they will make contact with you to offer advice and guidance on maximising the benefits of the software. On-boarding is swift and hassle-free. As a cloud-based platform, we can have you set up in a matter of hours. 


What Clients Say

"TAP allows us to collate valuable data about the building's ongoing activity, allowing a more informed, proactive management approach."

Michael Caro

Director, CG Commercial

"It's a pleasure to work with people who understand how property management works. We see TAP as an extension to our on-site team."

Kelly Green

Building Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

"TAP delivers an engaging platform that benefits all parties and delivers a managed tenant portal that extends the hours we can service our clients' occupiers."

Sharon French

Principal, Avison Young

TAP continue to provide fantastic support to Knight Frank Promise on our brand new E Permit System.

Mark Cook

Associate Director, Knight Frank Promise

This is the best permit system I have ever seen and definitely sector leading.

Health & Safety Director

National Property Manager

"A very simple system to use."

Property Manager

Chelsea Harbour

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