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Ibex House


Our Client required an improved visitor experience that allowed their tenants to provide advanced notification to the reception team who would be able to welcome their guests into the building.

Our Solution

TAP’s Visitor Management module enabled Ibex House to:

  • Provide each tenant with their own Visitor Management Dashboard, which gives them the ability to visualise and prepare for those busy periods in the day.
  • Generate QR codes for contactless signing in process which limits the need for each guest to interact with surfaces.
  • Access an overview dashboard with all visitor information collated in one location.  Data detailing active tenants, contractor visits and busy times of the day are now easily visible enabling on-site building management team resource decisions to be made quickly.

“It’s a pleasure to deal with people who know how property management works.  We see TAP as an extension to our on-site team.”

Kelly Green

Building Manager

Ibex House