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Knight Frank Promise


Knight Frank Promise is a leading property management company that manages a diverse portfolio of properties across the UK. They needed an electronic Permit to Work system that would streamline their workflow and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. That’s why they chose TAP’s electronic Permit to Work system, which provided them with a structured, consistent, and auditable application process.

Our Solution

Working with the Knight Frank Promise Health & Safety Team, TAP created a structured, consistent application process for the Request of Permits to Work that controls each stage of the operation that is visible, at all times to all parties that are part of that process. The system is fully auditable with the ability to attach any associated documents, certificates, emails and photographs/videos.

This module provides risk management and compliance responsibilities for all parties associated with the management of works in a property.

The system is integrated into TAP’s Helpdesk and Visitor Management modules to allow for automated logging of jobs and worker check-in/check-out processes using QR codes.

This isn’t a system of individual modules, they have thought about how each module can work in partnership together.  Linking the Permits with the Helpdesk and Visitor modules allows for a more streamlined business process.”

Mark Cook

Associate Director

Knight Frank Promise
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    April 10, 2023