Don’t Just Go Digital – Invest in Permit Analytics

We recently analysed data from over 14,000 digital permits issued across multiple properties. The findings were eye-opening – Monday saw 40% more permits starting than any other day of the week, placing a huge burden on the monitoring of the associated works. The knowledge of this helps you plan better.

This stark variation highlights that even with a streamlined digital process, simply adopting online permitting is not enough. You need a system that captures data and provides actionable analytics to truly optimise your operations.

Without analytics, you’re flying blind. Key insights like cyclical demand patterns, approval bottlenecks, and process inefficiencies remain hidden. You can’t properly allocate staff resources or identify areas for improvement.

Investing in a digital permitting solution with built-in analytics unlocks a wealth of valuable perspectives:

🕰️ Identify peak demand periods to staff appropriately 
🔍 Pinpoint process snags causing delays
👥 Understand applicant profiles & needs  
⚡ Optimise workflows for faster turnarounds
📈 Track KPIs and measure productivity gains

Don’t just check the box with online permitting. Demand a system that delivers deeper operational visibility through data. With analytics directing your permitting optimisation efforts, you can drive markedly better service delivery and satisfaction for the built environment.

It’s time to raise expectations for digital transformation and make data-driven process improvement the new standard. Invest in permitting analytics today.