Bring your Property’s Data to Life

Property managers are adept at contract management, service charge management, risk compliance and co-ordinating working contractors in a building. What they may not be as adept with, is bringing data to life.

TAP has taken this as a signal to implement more graphics that assist people to understand better their property’s performance. To help TAP with this we ask our clients what data their suppliers can offer to enrich an occupier’s appreciation of a property’s day to day performance. With external factors such as advancement in software capability and different operators entering the property management sector allows for enhanced user experience and engagement. This stakeholder engagement is moving up the property management agenda and we see there’s no better way of achieving this than by sharing information and data amongst those who need it.

Quick to recognise visuals allow information and data to be absorbed more quickly and our aim is to deliver this in abundance through our comprehensive and powerful all in one property management system, initially released in our enhanced Sustainability module. 

Whether you’re looking to display half hourly or monthly single meter energy/water readings or waste collected/recycling data why not display them in this module?

Adding further value to this feature, we display additional details about the consumption and cost that allows the building managers and tenants to quantify their use. Why not use these visuals to open discussions with either your tenant or property manager that could result in improved efficiency or a better understanding of how energy is consumed in your building?

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