Dynamic Permits

Are we now in an era of Dynamic Permits?

We regularly discuss new working techniques with leading figures in the property management sector and it seems technology is playing an important role when re-imagining how the core services are being delivered. This technology is enabling the sector to improve its ability to manage work based activities so that they are more relevant to current standards. Capturing up to date information, conveying this to any visiting contractor and including it on the permit can be a struggle, especially if its a paper based system.

Today, the facilities management sector is asking for systems that better deliver on governance and that involves re-imagining how the core services are being delivered. We are now discussing with our clients how a hybrid e-permit would work. The process would allow for a simple Risk Assessment and Method Statement to be agreed and then, before the start of any work, answers by the contractor to on-the-day questions, are included on the permit to ensure full health and safety compliance. It is dynamic because it works with on-the-day pre-start questions. By asking the right questions and allowing the contractors to add information to the existing e-Permit there is the ability to include any new hazards or risks that may have occurred between when the permit was requested and when it was approved on the day. Governance remains important and

The facilities management sector is changing and TAP is proud to be part of the thinking behind these changes.